I offer flexible, individual consulting sessions in person, online, or by telephone, for the following:

  • Assistance to the student in discovering his/her educational goals, and to locate colleges that align with these goals
  • Application plan with structured organizational timeline
  • High school curriculum planning
  • Personalized college list based on the best match between your academic credentials and the college’s admissions standards/guidelines
  • An assessment of your admissions prospects, (reach, match, and probable) at each of your colleges
  • Standardized testing advice and timeline development
  • College visit preparation
  • Interview coaching
  • Guidance on essay topics and composition
  • Extracurricular review
  • Assistance with application completion
  • Helpful perspective for student and family

Customized packages and hourly consulting services are available on request. Consulting services available on an hourly basis is a good option for those who prefer to manage the college search and application process themselves, but may need occasional assistance.